Mixed Pack of Herbal Foot Pads (formerly called Detox Foot Pads). Please only order quantities available on this product for the time being as this product is currently under review.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the erosion of our health freedom and choices, enforced upon us by EU Directives and through Trading Standards, we have been warned that we will need to take this product off sale. We are trying to keep them available as Herbal Foot Pads and are awaiting to receive official notification. 

This is not due to safety or efficacy, as we have been selling these as Foot Pads since we opened in 2004 and have never received a complaint regarding them. We have literally sold tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of this product since then and have had many returning customers who swear by their use. However due to red tape and regulations, the wording used on packaging is being classed as 'unauthorised health claims'. The pads have been tested and contain the ingredients stated, and no harmful contaminants. However due to the restrictions in scientific testing of herbal products and the way that they work, and the opinion of the testing officer, this product has been deemed to be of no benefit to health! This disregards the hundreds of satisfied customers who testify to the contrary, and the many clinical studies that have been carried out by the manufacturer!

We are very sad to see this range under threat. For any future purchases from other sources (if need be), we highly recommend sticking to detox pads manufactured by Kenrico as this company have carried out all the necessary testing for safety and efficacy and hold the necessary certification, while many other manufacturers we know of are using cheap and sometimes counterfeit ingredients which have been discovered to contain heavy metal and other harmful contaminants. Sadly, the testing and certification that has been acquired by Kenrico (USA/Japan) does not appear to be acceptable under EU regulation. 

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Mixed Herbal Foot Pads (Pairs)

  • Brand: Kenrico
  • Product Code: DFP-MIX
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