4Kg of extra pure, fresh water origin, 100% Natural Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (also known as Diatomite or DE). Supplied in a food grade reusable tub. Please note that contents may settle during transit.

Fresh water origin is considered cleaner and purer than salt water origin. Peru is considered the source of the finest quality of freshwater-sourced DE available. Our DE is not processed in any way and exactly as nature intended, preserving all its properties.


Suitable for external and internal use, for animals and humans. Due to EU Health Claim restrictions we are unable to detail the properties of DE when used internally.

Internal use: 1teaspoon-1tablespoon is mixed in water, taken usually away from food and at bedtime.

External use: rub onto skin or into hair or fur for headlice/fleas/etc. Can be left on or washed off after 2-3 hours.

Pet use: up to 1 tblsp per day mixed with food or water, rub into the fur and sprinkle onto bedding for flea control.

Around the home and garden: sprinkled where required. Sweep up as it may clog a vaccuum cleaner. A fine layer in place for prevention of infestation.

Safety note: It is recommended to wear a dust mask when handling large amounts of DE as inhalation of plumes of the ultra-fine dust particles may cause lung irritation, and prolonged exposure can cause lung damage.

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Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) 4Kg

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